Maryland to Ditch $125M ObamaCare Site

Maryland officials are poised to replace the state’s glitch-plagued $125.5 million insurance marketplace after the close of ObamaCare’s first enrollment period on Monday, according to a report in the Washington Post

The board that oversees Maryland’s health insurance marketplace is set to replace the state’s website with technology from Connecticut, two people familiar with the decision told the paper.

While most states rely on the federal health insurance marketplace found at HealthCare.Gov — which was plagued with its own severe technical problems in the opening months — states also had the ability to build their own insurance website. Many states with Democratically-controlled state houses and governors’ mansions opted to build their own marketplace.That process has worked well in states like Connecticut, where a well-designed website allowed residents to purchase insurance while most of the country was grappling with glitches hindering the federal exchange. But in other states, like Maryland, Oregon, and Hawaii, defective websites have proven a persistent drag on enrollment.Rep. John K. Delaney (D-Md.) has urged the state to abandon the troubled exchange for months.“I applaud the Administration’s decision to use the Connecticut exchange while Maryland’s website is being repaired,” he said in a statement Saturday. “I want to thank the State of Connecticut for bailing out the Maryland Health Connection. This was what I had long hoped the state would do: move to a functioning exchange so that all the Marylanders who need health care coverage can get it.”