Marriage Group Endorses Democratic Incumbent Over Gay Republican Carl DeMaio

A national anti-gay marriage group has endorsed Democratic incumbent Rep. Scott Peters in San Diego over his gay Republican challenger, Carl DeMaio.

In a Tuesday email titled, “Carl DeMaio Wants You to Vote For Him, But He Totally Disrespects Your Vote,” the National Organization for Marriage asked supporters to vote for Mr. Peters, even though he “is also wrong on the issues,” Breitbart reported.

“Carl DeMaio, who claims to be a Republican, apparently doesn’t see the irony in asking you to vote for him,” the email said. “The truth is that in Carl DeMaio’s world, it’s not about you, it’s about him. DeMaio doesn’t care about your votes on important issues like marriage, he only cares about getting you to vote for him.”

“The National Organization for Marriage urges you to refuse to vote for Carl DeMaio,” it continued. “In fact, we ask you to vote for incumbent Scott Peters, even though Peters is also wrong on the issues. The reason for this is that Peters can’t do any damage as a Democrat in a House of Representatives controlled by Republicans, and we can work together to elect a true conservative in two years to replace him. But Carl DeMaio serving as a supposed Republican in a House controlled by Republicans can do great damage, and could end up holding the seat for decades.”