Manufacturers Push Against ‘Absurdity’ of Ozone Rules

Major manufacturers are kicking off a new campaign on Tuesday to push back against the “absurdity” of the Obama administration’s strict proposed regulations for smog-creating ozone.

The National Association of Manufacturers has been a staunch opponent of the proposed ozone rules, which would tighten national air quality standards enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency to levels that many industry groups say are unachievable, while costing the country well over $100 billion annually in compliance costs — the costliest regulation of any federal program, the group says.

The regulations would require reductions in ozone from the current 75 parts per billion standard to 65 ppb, which the industry argues would place many pristine wildernesses out of compliance, let alone manufacturing and densely populated urban areas.

The new campaign will include new television and newspaper spots to underscore the “absurdity” of the proposed regulations, which would place most of the country’s national parks out of compliance with the air quality standards, according to Ross Eisenberg, the group’s energy and natural resources policy director.