Manning Retains Ari Fleischer Amid HGH Allegations

Peyton Manning has enlisted the services of former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer amid allegations that the Denver Broncos quarterback was sent human growth hormone (HGH) while recovering from a neck injury in 2011.

The accusation stems from an investigation into the sports doping industry by Al Jazeera.

In the report, British journalist Liam Collins secretly recorded Charlie Sly, a former intern at the Guyer Institute where Manning sought treatment for a herniated disc, who said Manning was given the performance-enhancing drug under his wife’s name.

Fleisher told The Denver Post on Saturday the report is completely false.

“There’s no truth to it,” he said. “What they have is a well-known con man from England who secretly recorded a former intern.”

Manning has also vehemently denied the report, which he called “complete garbage.”

“For the record, I have never used HGH. It absolutely never happened,” Manning told ESPN’s Chris Mortenson. “The whole thing is totally wrong. It’s such a fabrication, I’m not losing any sleep over it, that’s for sure.”