Mandatory Vaccine Critic: Risks of Shots Understated

A critic of mandatory child vaccinations made no apologies for her views in an appearance on Newsmax TV Tuesday, and said that public anger over the Disneyland measles outbreak should be directed at pharmaceutical companies and the federal government, not people like her.

“What’s happening is people are freaking out about measles outbreaks,” Louise Kuo Habakus said ina combative interview with “MidPoint” host Ed Berliner. “They’re pointing the finger at unvaccinated children and non-vaccinated families, when really what needs to happen is people need to be pointing the finger at industry and at Congress.”

Habakus, co-founder of a group called the Center for Personal Rights, objected to being labeled an “anti-vaxxer” — “a stupid name,” she said, that doesn’t account for the real medical risks including allergic reactions, brain damage and even death that inoculations pose to some children.

“If you were allergic to penicillin, what would I call you? Anti-penicillin?” said Habakus.

“The issue comes down to parental choice,” she said. “Parents need to have the right to decide what goes into their children’s bodies.”