Mainstream Media Panics Over Dr. Oz Teaching Disease Prevention and Nutritional Self-Care

The pro-pharma, anti-nutrition mainstream media is engaged in an all-out panic over the success of Dr. Oz in teaching nutrition and disease prevention to the American public. Not surprisingly, all the usual suspects — media outlets funded by Big Pharma advertising money — have unleashed a wave of hit pieces against Dr. Oz, claiming his advice is “unproven.”

This is rather hilarious from the outset, considering the irrefutable fact that nearly all the most popular drugs don’t work on most people. The FDA will approve a drug for a disease based on a mere 5% efficacy rate, meaning the drug doesn’t work for 95% of subjects. Flu shots, even when they do work unlike the failed flu shots formulated this year, only prevent the flu in about 1 out of 100 people who receive the shots. So almost 99% of the people who take them receive no benefit (but they do get the extra bonus of mercury, as flu shots administered in the USA still contain this toxic heavy metal which is intentionally added to the formulations). I verified this myself via ICP-MS laboratory instrumentation that conducts mass spectrometry elemental analysis using a quadrupole mass analyzer.

All the media outlets attacking Dr. Oz also have extreme conflicts of interest which they routinely fail to mention: they all take money from drug companies in the form of drug-pushing ads. Nearly all the top drug companies running those ads have criminal records and histories of repeatedly committing felony crimes against the people of the world. For example, GlaxoSmithKline admitted guilt in a massive bribery scheme where they paid off 44,000 doctors in the USA to push their drugs. Most of that bribery went to doctors who prescribed drugs OFF-LABEL, meaning the drugs were prescribed for disease symptoms and conditions for which they were never approved by the FDA.