Lunch Lady Arrested for Drug Deal in Middle School Parking Lot

An Indiana lunch lady faces a felony drug charge after police allege she negotiated a drug deal on school property during her shift, then later met up with undercover officers to seal the deal.

Delaware County Sheriff’s officials said an undercover police officer met with Northside Middle School cafeteria worker Sandra Howard, 53, in the school’s parking lot during the lunch hour Friday, Fox 59 reports.

“The individual was going to sell us $40 worth of pills and … she wanted to meet us at the school property,” an unnamed undercover officer told the news site.

The officer said Howard took the money and promised to provide five hydrocodone pills later in the day. She allegedly took the cash but told the undercover officer she didn’t want to bring the pills to school, and arranged to meet later in the evening at a Walmart to finish the transaction.

“She was afraid of the school resource officer, which is great, that’s why the police are there for,” the officer said, “but she’s still brazen enough to come out and start a drug deal in the middle of her working hours at the school.”