Little Girl Kicked Out of KFC Over Scars Was Elaborate Hoax: Report

The 3-year-old girl who was reportedly kicked out of a KFC in Jackson, Mississippi, because the scarring on her face — remnants of a pit bull attack — were disturbing customers, was nothing more than an elaborate hoax, reports Laurel Leader-Call.

The family of Victoria Wilcher claimed that she and her grandmother were asked to leave a KFC restaurant because her dog-attack scars were scaring patients, prompting the fast food chain to donate $30,000 to cover the girl’s medical bills.

However, sources told the Laurel Leader-Call that the story didn’t quite add up, so the restaurant hired a private investigator to look into the issue. The findings revealed that there was no security footage of Victoria or her grandmother in the restaurant on the day they claimed they were asked to leave, and there was no record of their order.