Liquid Nicotine: Just a Teaspoon Could Kill

It can be bought on the Internet in flavors like chocolate and bubble gum—and just a teaspoon could kill a child: The New York Times takes a look at liquid nicotine, the e-liquid used in e-cigarettes, which it describes as a “powerful neurotoxin … far more dangerous than tobacco.” And with good reason: Reports of accidental liquid nicotine poisonings rose 300% from 2012 to 1,351 cases last year, with 2014’s figure expected to be double that.

The victims, many children under the age of four, can experience vomiting and seizures after being exposed to even a modest amount orally or through the skin.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune notes that the bottles often convey their flavors with potentially enticing photos of fruits or chocolate, which could attract youngsters; teens, on the flip side, may be combining it with energy drinks to get high, per Fox News Insider.