Lindsey Graham: There is Room For Caitlyn Jenner in the Republican Party

Sen. Lindsey Graham insists he backs pro-life issues, traditional marriage, and many of the other items his party supports — and that there is room for Caitlyn Jenner to be a Republican if she wants to be.

“In the eyes of radical Islam, they hate you as much as they hate Caitlyn Jenner,” the South Carolina Republican told CNN’s Dana Bash in an interview recorded from Joni Ernst’s Iowa “Roast and Ride” event Saturday for the network’s “State of the Union” show. “They hate us all because we won’t agree to their view of religion, so America, we are all in this together.”

Graham’s comments were made in response to statements made last week by talk show host Rush Limbaugh,  who said Republicans should not accept the former Bruce Jenner as a Republican or accept transgenderism as being normal.

Graham, who announced his candidacy last week and is running on a platform of strong national defense, particularly in the Middle East, further told Bash that if Jenner “wants to be safe, vote for me.”