Limbaugh: Hearing Surgery Was ‘Overwhelming Success’

Rush Limbaugh says surgery to restore hearing to his right ear was “an overwhelming success.”

The talk show host underwent a procedure to install a cochlear implant, which was switched on for the first time Thursday. 

“Magic happened,” Limbaugh said on his show Friday. “It was the strangest feeling. If you can remember the first time you heard stereo music, then multiply it by 100.”

Limbaugh, who had the same surgery on his left ear 13 years ago, said that it initially appeared the implant was not working right. But after a series of trial trial-and-error attempts, his audiologist was able to synchronize the devices in each of his ears.

He told listeners he went from being on “on the floor” of disappointment to the “roof” of optimism about his implant over the span of the two-hour session with his audiologist. Although he said it will still take several months for him to adjust to the device, he expects his hearing will improve over time.
“I have no doubt that in six months … this will be the best thing I have ever done,” he said.