Liberal Analysis: ‘Obamacare Implementation Went Great and People Love It’

When Ezra Klein and friends launched Vox as an “explanatory journalism” site this spring, conservative catcalls and ridicule began promptly. The project’s critics have been vindicated time and again. Though the site sometimes produces solid content, it’s run by hard-left ideologues who lack the capacity to present “just the facts, ma’am”-style reporting. Over the last 24 hours or so, Vox has beclowned itself on four separate occasions. First, see Mollie Hemingway’s brutal take-down of co-founder Matt Yglesias’ stupefyingly ignorant attack on conservatives and religious liberty. His asshattery was so acute that even a junior Vox colleague publicly rejected Yglesias’, er, “point.” Confronted with facts, Yglesias retreated into the realm of non-sequiturs and snark. A separate Vox post suggested that even though Hamas is using human shields to protect their terrorist arsenal and leaders — a point conceded by the author, and again confirmed by very recent events — Israel “doesn’t have to bomb them.” This sharp take demands that Israel lie back and endure a terrorist bombardment, while rewarding its enemy’s inhuman tactics with pointless, suicidal “restraint.” On healthcare, Yglesias was back at it with a piece whose title I quoted in the headline. It’s only partially tongue-in-cheek, a riff on one of his most infamous Obamacare tweets:

Screenshot 2014-07-19 09.24.07