Justice Department Indicts Supplement Companies Endangering Consumers’ Health

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is cracking down on a number of dietary supplement manufacturers who are being accused of breaking the law by lacing their products with undisclosed, and in some cases illegal, ingredients; making false claims about their safety and efficacy; and deliberately misleading consumers as to their true contents.

Benjamin C. Mizer, the DOJ’s Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General, recently gave a press conference explaining how the agency is taking critical steps to stem the growing tide of unlawful dietary supplements being sold nationwide. At the forefront of the department’s sweep is a federal indictment filed against one of the nation’s largest sports supplement companies, Texas-based USPlabs.

According to the allegations, USPlabs has been illegally spiking some of its weight-loss and workout supplements with synthetic ingredients sourced from China, which the company has been labeling as “natural.” USPlabs is also being accused of presenting false certificates of analysis to dupe its customers into thinking that supplements have been properly tested for safety and authenticity.

USA Today reports that USPlabs executives are being charged with committing other crimes as well, including wire fraud, mail fraud and conspiracy, in connection to the scheme. At least four company executives and one consultant at USPlabs have been criminally indicted by the federal government in conjunction with the alleged crimes.

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