Judge Says Incest No Longer Taboo Thanks to Abortion

The very mention of the word incest conjures up thoughts of child abuse, rape and hidden family secrets. Many a person has been sent to prison for having incestuous relationships with their child, sibling and even parent. A friend of mine went to prison some years back for improper behavior with his teenage step-daughters. Incest destroyed that family.

But if a judge in Australia has his way, incest will no longer be considered wrong. Why? Because any possible pregnancy created through incest can be aborted, removing any danger of birth defects.

New South Wales District Judge Garry Neilson equates incest to homosexuality which at one time was also considered wrong and taboo but now is acceptable. Nielson was hearing a case where a brother was charged with raping his younger sister. The brother pleaded guilty to sexual assault for the charges incurred when his sister was around 10-11 years of age. However, the brother had pleaded not guilty to the charges incurred when his sister was 18 and he was 26. Nielson mentioned that with access to contraception and abortion, steps could be taken to prevent any children from being born with birth defects caused by the close relationship of the siblings.