Josh Earnest Opens Up About Fatherhood in Pitch for Obama’s Paid Leave Proposal

How does Josh Earnest balance being the White House press secretary and a father?

This week at the Center for American Progress, President Obama’s spokesman shared his thoughts about balancing a high-profile career with the job of raising a small child in Washington, D.C.

“Men feel pressure to have a genuine home life,” Earnest told host Daniella Gibbs Léger of the Center for American Progress. “I have a desire to be a parent, but it leads to pressure even without a high-profile job like mine. Luckily, I have supportive bosses and maintain a strict schedule. No one will make me leave but me.”

The event at the liberal think tank was used to advocate “paid family leave, paid sick days and flexibility arrangements” for men. Earnest used the opportunity to promote President Obama’s budget, released earlier this week.

“Societal pressure and understanding bosses help,” he said, “but in the president’s budget, there is more money for paid leave when a child gets sick and an increase in childcare. While I am lucky, many workers don’t have these types of influences in their workplace. That is the major role for policy.”