John Roberts Gets a Mulligan: Will He Kill Obamacare This Time Around?

Last year was when Obamacare was finally exposed as one big lie greasing the skids for the collapse of Progressivism. And we should thank two people. First should be Chief Justice John Roberts, since after all he saved entire the entire boondoggle by casting his vote with the liberal justices when he could have killed it dead in its tracks by voting with the conservative justices. And the other person we need to thank is Jonathan Gruber for being dumb enough to let himself be videotaped while saying the American people are too stupid to understand what’s best for them. He exposed once and for all the arrogance and paternalism that is Progressivism.

Gruber and his ilk already knew lower premiums, keeping your doctors and the lowering the overall cost of healthcare were all lies. But this was the holy grail of progressive politics — getting control of the healthcare system and in turn controlling the American people. The following is from The Wall Street Journal just after the ACA had passed the House and would be on its way to the desk of the president for signing into law:

“… the leadership knows how unpopular this bill is in most of America. They know this legislation is not the result of some national consensus in favor of expanding state power. Its passage was possible only because of temporary liberal majorities that are intent on fulfilling their dreams of a cradle-to-grave entitlement state.”

But as reality has set in, virtually everything the Democrats said about Obamacare turned out not to be true. And with Obamacare now having been the law of the land, much of what the Right had been saying about it is turning out to be true.