Jindal Challenges Cruz to ObamaCare Debate

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal wants to take on fellow GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) one-on-one in a debate over ObamaCare alternatives.

“@TedCruz, you said you’d debate anyone, anytime,” Jindal tweeted Friday. “Let’s have a debate on repealing and replacing ObamaCare next week.”

Jindal issued the dare as both men prepare for Tuesday’s Republican presidential debate in Milwaukee. Cruz will participate in the main-stage contest, and Jindal is slated for the undercard event.

Jindal said he takes issue with Cruz’s lack of a strategy for repealing and replacing President Obama’s signature healthcare law.

“You get Ted Cruz who wants to shut down the government, but he’s never even come up with his own plan,” the Louisiana governor said, according to The Washington Post.

“We’ve written our own plan and campaigned on it, rather than just complaining about ObamaCare. So let’s do it in Milwaukee. I’m happy to do it.”