Jeb Bush: Corporal Punishment Can Prevent School Shootings

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said in 1995 that no shootings had occurred in one northwestern Sunshine State school district because of corporal punishment.

Bush, 62, who is expected to announce his White House candidacy next Monday, wrote in the book “Profiles in Character” that corporal punishment was “very effective” in Walton County along the Alabama border.

The remarks, included in the chapter “The Restoration of Shame,” were reported by BuzzFeed. Bush was governor from 1999 to 2007, writing the book after he lost his first Statehouse bid in 1994.

“In some school districts, such as Walton County, one of the oldest forms of shame, corporal punishment, is alive and well, and despite protests by some parents and Florida’s PTAs, the students in Walton have actually found that this doling out of shame is very effective,” Bush wrote in the chapter. “The students of these schools will tell you, as will anybody who experienced corporal punishment in school, that it is not the brief spanking that hurts but the accompanying shame.”