Janet Yellen Requires Medical Attention After Speech

The top U.S. banker struggled to finish a Thursday afternoon speech and had to receive medical attention at the event.

Janet Yellen, the chair of the Federal Reserve, was delivering the annual Gamble Memorial Lecture in Amherst, Massachusetts, when she had her medical difficulties, according to Reuters news agency.

Ms. Yellen, 69, was coughing and had to stop to recompose herself several times, reporter Jonathan Spicer wrote.

She also “appeared to lose her place in reading the speech and stopped several times. She abruptly said, ‘I think I will end here,’ ” he wrote.

CNBC reported, citing a Secret Service agent, that Ms. Yellen said afterward she was fine. The business-news network said she told people backstage that she just felt light-headed but was better after sitting down and drinking some water.