It’s True: Inside The Alleged VA ‘Candy Land’ That ‘Breeds Drug Addicts’

A preliminary review from the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) examining drug practices at the Tomah VA Medical Center in Wisconsin revealed startling findings.

More reviews are on their way to get to the bottom of allegations that Tomah is a ‘candy land’ in terms of how willing it is to dole out drugs to veterans. In looking at the treatment of just 18 patients, in 6 cases, patient harm resulted from overuse of drugs, AP reports. Prescription practices remained constant for those 6 cases, as well as 9 other patients who exhibited “aberrant behavior.”

“They would want you to take more drugs instead of finding something that would work. They would just give you something to basically say, ‘shut up,’” Jason Bishop, former patient at Tomah, told Fox News.

“They’re breeding drug addicts,” Bishop added.