Issa: ‘How Much Pornography’ Does it Take ‘to Get Fired’ at EPA?

“How much pornography would it take for an EPA employee to lose their job?” Darrell Issa, (R-Calif.) Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, asked EPA officials at a hearing yesterday, where it emerged that an EPA employee viewed two to six hours of porn per day since 2010.

The employee has over 7,000 porn files on his computer and even watched porn when inspector general agents visited his office, Deputy Assistant Inspector General Allan Williams testified in a statement submitted to the committee. He makes over $120,000 a year and he even received performance awards for his time at the agency. And this man is still employed at the EPA, even though he confessed to the time he spent viewing the pornography.

“This individual spent four consecutive hours on a site called ‘sadism is beautiful,'” Issa said at the hearing. “I’ve been out of the business world for a number of years, but I have a strong feeling that the House of Representatives has figured out how to block sites with titles like that. It would shock me that they wouldn’t. It shocks me that you could tell us that you do a pretty good job [of blocking porn sites] and something as explicit as those key words or ‘bear so horny’ or – I’m not going into the other names, it disgusts me. You are running an organization from which no one can get fired.”