ISIS Calling for Doctors to Join Effort

The Islamic State (ISIS) is begging for doctors and other medical professionals to return to areas they control, saying there aren’t enough there now to adequately treat their wounded.

According to the website Vocativ, a plea originally shared in April is being recirculated in English and Arabic on one of ISIS’ main online forums.

“This is a letter to all the doctors who are living in Dar Al-Kufr Wal-Fasaad (the land of disbelief and corruption),” the letter reads. “When the Jihad in Syria started, many doctors fled the country to live in Turkey or other countries. This caused an insufficient number of remaining doctors to treat the wounded.”

According to the letter written by 27-year-old British ISIS recruiter Omar Hussain, medical trainees are being forced to train others on wound treatment, which is leading to errors in care.