Is Whooping Cough Being Spread by Vaccinated People? Quite Possibly.

Looks like some others in the news media are catching up to the science many of us have been discussing for the past couple of years: whooping cough (pertussis) may be spread by whooping cough vaccine. In other words: it is likely the vaccinated population–not the unvaccinated population– that is largely responsible for the resurgence in whooping cough.Unfortunately, many in the news media jumped on the propaganda bandwagon over the past few years that blamed the resurgence of whooping cough on the researchers and parents who increasingly question the safety and efficacy of various vaccines, and/or government policy in administering them.

As blame was misdirected, it prompted people to make sure their kids got timely whooping cough shots…which may have actually resulted in more children getting whooping cough. Ironic.