Is There an Alternative to ObamaCare?

Is there another option to the so-called Affordable Care Act, which is in the process of allowing the politicians and bureaucrats in Washington to commandeer our entire health care system?

Is it possible we have another choice, that we don’t have to opt for the federal government to nationalize one-fifth of the economy?

The overwhelming public opposition to ObamaCare is a pretty clear indication that most Americans realize, at a very fundamental level, that government-managed-and-controlled healthcare is not the answer to our spiraling, out-of-control medical costs.

But if ObamaCare is not the answer to our current healthcare crisis, what is?

Earlier this year, I journeyed to Oklahoma City to see for myself what many people are saying is the future of healthcare — the free market’s answer to ObamaCare. I interviewed two very impassioned and inspired physicians, Drs. Keith Smith and Steven Lantier, co-founders of an exciting model of healthcare delivery.