IRS Can’t Verify Qualifications of Every Obamacare Subsidy Recipient

The IRS can’t weed out bogus Obamacare exchange customers and didn’t have critical information on others more than halfway through the tax filing season this year, making it impossible to figure out whether Americans were claiming too much money from the government, the tax agency’s auditor said Tuesday.

The findings were released the same day President Obama insisted his health law has been a resounding success, signaling he will demand that Congress revive it as-is if the Supreme Court kneecaps it in a ruling later this month.

“When you talk to people who actually are enrolled in a new marketplace plan, the vast majority of them like their coverage. The vast majority are satisfied with their choice of doctors and hospitals and satisfied with their monthly premiums. They like their reality,” Mr. Obama told a receptive crowd at the Catholic Health Association’s conference in Washington.