Increased Health Care Costs Topple Support for Drug Take-Back Programs

As the trend of mandatory drug take-back programs spreads across the country, new polling data shows that an overwhelming majority of American consumers say they have no interest in the programs due to the increased health care costs.

Following the decision by California’s Alameda County to mandate all pharmaceutical companies with products in the county work to set up and pay for a local drug take-back program, many other counties have followed suit with similar legislation.

New data from the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA), however, shows that just 12.9 percent said the “convenience of drug take-back programs established by pharmaceutical companies would be worth the increased cost of health care and medicines.”

Eighty percent said consumers should learn to properly dispose of medicines at home to “prevent the costs all of us would have to pay as a result of mandatory drug take-back programs.”

“Consumers are very sensitive to costs being added to the health care system,” said Scott Melville, president and CEO of CHPA. “Why create an expensive bureaucratic solution when there is an easy solution available?”