Illegal Border Crossers Offered Movies, Ping Pong, Sautéed Zucchini

Building 267 at Naval Base Ventura County, which previously served as a processing facility for navy sailors on their way to sea, is now being used to house 180 children from Central America who were stopped by U.S. border patrol agents illegally crossing the Texas border.

The Los Angeles Times reports that, by early next week, the number of children to be housed at the Port Hueneme location will reach its maximum capacity of 575. It is predicted that, this year alone, up to 90,000 minors, unaccompanied by adults, will cross the southwest U.S. border and will be cared for at a cost exceeding $2 billion to U.S. taxpayers.

According to the Obama administration, the feeding and caring of the children at the Port Hueneme facility is considered to be a response to a “humanitarian crisis” on the country’s borders. Southwest Key, a social services not-for-profit contractor, is overseeing the operation. Reporters were allowed to view the large warehouse, which is encompassed by a chain-link fence, but were told not to talk to the children or take pictures.