If You Like Your Health Care Insurance Fines, You Can Keep Your Health Care Insurance Fines

After listening to President Barack Obama (D) smugly pat himself on the back Friday at his last press conference before zipping off on his taxpayer subsidized vacation, congratulating his administration and himself for the wondrous state of affairs under his presidency, including health care, reality hit. Hard.

People are oh so eagerly signing up for healthcare insurance according to Obama. Hmmm, not quite.  In this democracy people are signing up because they’re forced to. The IRS, which might lose its own e mails but will never lose your tax return must know about your health insurance as well as your income. But don’t worry, it is not a hidden tax. President Obama said so.

As The Hill bluntly stated

ObamaCare fines loom for uninsured

People without insurance are running out of time to avoid the hefty ObamaCare penalties that the IRS will be handing down in 2016.

Consumers face a Feb. 15, 2015, deadline to buy insurance, after which those without coverage could be hit with fines of $325 per adult or 2 percent of family income, whichever is higher.

Uninsured people looking to escape the penalties are turning to the exchanges before they close, while insurance companies and tax preparers are seizing on the looming tax hit as a business opportunity. (snip)