If Being Gay is Not a Choice, Why So Much Proselytizing?

Scott Walker was asked whether being gay was a choice. This was important to ask because homosexuals are an estimated 1%-2% of the population (not including transvestites who declare themselves gay, which actually makes them straight), so I understand the need to constantly talk about this little group at the expense of issues affecting the other 98%.

So Walker was asked whether being gay is a choice and so far, unlike other gay-topical questions, he has only given one answer, which is “I don’t know.”

But what I want to know is, if being gay isn’t a choice, why is there such an incredible amount of gay proselytizing in the schools and in the media and on film and TV and books? After all, if people are born gay, why do we need these steady streams of reminders how great it is to be homosexual? Whether it’s an American University art exhibit made with homosexual blood, cartoons for toddlers featuring princes marrying each other, articles in the media about gay events like a homosexual rodeo, the State Department picking an “ambassador to homosexuality”, product advertisements like Tylenol promoting lesbianism, forcing firefighters to march in a gay parade, or letting soldiers fly the homosexual flag over military bases, there seems to be a tremendous propaganda effort to promote this behavior which is supposedly preset at birth.