Ibuprofen May Improve Longevity, Study Suggests

Regular doses of a common over-the-counter painkiller may lead to a longer, healthier life, researchers have found.

In a study published Thursday in the journal Public Library of Science-Genetics, researchers treated baker’s yeast, worms and flies with ibuprofen and saw that the treatment added about 15 percent more to the species’ lives. The treatment dose was comparable to the recommended human dose, and the results equated to another dozen or so human years of healthy living.

“We first used baker’s yeast, which is an established aging model, and noticed that the yeast treated with ibuprofen lived longer,” researcher Dr. Michael Polymenis, an AgriLife Research biochemist in College Station, said in a news release. “Then we tried the same process with worms and flies, and saw the same extended lifespan. Plus, these organisms not only lived longer but also appeared healthy.”
Healthiness in worms was observed as thrashing a lot and faster pumping when swallowing.