House Republicans Working Hard to Make Heroin and Cocaine Safer

It’s bad enough if someone injects heroin and cocaine into his body.  Both are very dangerous substances.  But even worse, addicts reuse needles, leaving them open to infection and AIDS.

House Republicans want to help.  That’s why, for the first time, they are allowing federal funds to be used to pay for programs that will give clean needles to drug addicts.  That way, an addict shooting up with heroin, who already has a lot on his mind, won’t have to worry about fear of infection or AIDS.  Isn’t that wonderful?

Faced with a health crisis resulting from a rise in heroin use in many of their home states, House Republicans are easing their longstanding opposition to federal funding in support of needle exchange programs.

The annual health spending measure now taking shape in the House would still bar using federal dollars to buy sterile needles or syringes, but officials could use federal grant money to provide support for state and local drug treatment programs that include needle exchanges.