House GOP Looks to Bring Back Late-Term Abortion Bill

House Republicans are looking to breathe new life into an antiabortion bill that was pulled from House consideration earlier this year over concerns that it was insensitive to women who become pregnant as a result of rape.

But finding a compromise will be difficult, and in a sign of just how sensitive the issue is, two camps involved in the negotiations are already on separate pages about what the bill’s rewrite will look like.

Many House Republican women strongly objected to the bill when it came up in January over a provision that required women to have reported a rape to law enforcement in order to be eligible for a late-term abortion. Republican leaders’ handling of the bill and their decision to pull it from the floor were seen as signs that they were struggling to govern their historically large majority.

Now, one of the congresswomen instrumental in scuttling the bill says that she was shown a draft two weeks ago that she could support.

“If it is brought up for a vote, I believe as it stands right now … I am in support of it,” said Rep. Renee Ellmers, chairwoman of the Republican Women’s Policy Committee.