House Fight Looms Over Need to Rewrite No Child Left Behind

House Republican leaders could face a showdown with their conservative faction this month when they attempt to revive the controversial Student Success Act, a bill that would rewrite the unpopular No Child Left Behind education law.

Republican leaders were forced to pull the Success Act from the floor in February because it lacked support. The bill had riled the conservative community and far right GOP lawmakers, who said it did not go far enough to untether local schools from creeping federal government control involving testing, curriculum and funding.

Conservative House lawmakers are insisting that if the bill comes up again, it must include significant changes before they’ll get behind it.

But GOP leaders tell the Washington Examiner there are no plans to alter the bill at all. Instead, they plan to put the legislation back on the House floor exactly where it left off, with the clock expired on debate time and only the votes on the measure still pending.