House Committee Obtains Accurate Obamacare Enrollment Figures That HHS Says Aren’t Available

At one time, I was a licensed life insurance salesman in three states. I was also a broker for auto insurance and held a Series 6 securities license to help people with their investments and retirement. In all of my transactions in these endeavors, one thing was perfectly clear and that was that nothing is a done deal until someone makes their first payment or actually provides the money for investing.

I can’t tell you how many times I wrote an insurance policy, had the client(s) get medically tested and approved and get their signatures, but then backed out of the policy before paying for it. Then there were those that made their first payment but cancelled not long after. Had I counted all of the policies I wrote, it would have shown that I was a very successful insurance salesman. However, looking at how many policies were still in effect after the first month and then after the first year, my success rate drastically fell.

The same thing is true with Obamacare. At every step of the way, President Obama and then HHS Secretary Sebelius bragged about how many enrollees they had at that point in time. The latest boast by Obama was that there were 8 million Obamacare enrollees and strutted his success like a banty rooster in a hen house.

However, neither Obama nor Sebelius had any clue as how many people actually paid for their coverage. Their figures were like my surface success as an insurance salesman. Their lack of true figures was made evident when Rep. Tom Price, (R-GA) questioned Sebelius prior to her resignation