House Bill Would Prevent Extension of ObamaCare Subsidies

One of the House’s most conservative lawmakers wants to prevent Congress from rescuing ObamaCare insurance subsidies if the Supreme Court strikes them down this month.

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) rolled out a bill Thursday that would repeal most parts of ObamaCare if the court rules against the government in King v. Burwell.

Unlike recently unveiled plans from House leadership, Gosar’s plan does not include any extension of the subsidies.

That approach was immediately praised by Heritage Action, which has strongly opposed the continuation of the subsidies because they said it will “simply cover up the law’s costs while giving the impression Republicans believe subsidies are necessary for Americans to afford health insurance.”

The group described Gosar’s plan as a “conservative response to King v. Burwell.”

As many as 6.4 million people could lose their ObamaCare aid if the administration loses in court. While Republicans are eager to roll back the law, some fear the sudden loss of the subsidies could take a toll on the party’s electoral chances in 2016.