Hospital Becomes First To Use Google Glass in the Emergency Room

Doctors are sporting a new accessory in the emergency room.

A Boston-based hospital is the first in the country to take Google Glass into the ER. The pilot program, started by Dr. Steven Horng at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, has now expanded to the entire emergency department.

Horng says the emergency department is the perfect place for wearable devices like Google Glass.

“The emergency room is an interesting place,” Horng said. “It’s a really information intensive place where even a small piece of information can make a large difference in a patient’s care.”

Glass allows doctors to search medical files and records on the spot, cutting time between admittance and treatment for the patient. Horng said Glass has made a huge difference in patient care.

“When we see patients, you know, you talk to patient, go back to the computer, talk to the patient some more and go back to the computer, and then maybe you see some more patients,” Horng said. “So what this does is it allows [you] to go from patient to patient to patient without having to go back to the computer, because we are using the computer while talking with the patient.”