Homeland Used Hazardous Building to Process Illegals

The Department of Homeland Security has been processing illegal immigrants in a dangerous California building for years despite knowing it to be a deadly fire hazard, the department’s inspector general said Friday in a memo that said it had ordered the facility shut down immediately.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Homeland Security agency that runs the facility, said in a statement it was shutting the building down by Friday evening, and it would remain closed until it’s repaired.

The San Pedro Service Processing Center was temporarily shut down in 2007 for its fire problems, and the agency apparently knew some of them weren’t fixed when it moved back in a year later.

As a result, employees and illegal immigrants have been in a building that doesn’t have working fire alarms and where the sprinkler system has corroded through and hasn’t been inspected or tested for at least five years, investigators said.