Hillary’s Notes List Biden as ‘No’ on Support for Healthcare Plan

Vice President Joe Biden is an ardent Obamacare champion, but back in 1993, when he was Delaware’s Democratic senator and Hillary Clinton was the first lady, she didn’t expect him to back her healthcare plan at all.

According to newly released documents from her husband’s presidential library, Clinton kept a list of lawmakers who either supported or opposed her universal healthcare plan, which she had hoped at the time would be her legacy as first lady.

She wrote and circled the word “no,” next to Biden’s name name, reports Bloomberg. John Kerry, the then-Massachusetts senator who eventually succeeded Clinton as secretary of state, had the words “probably not” with a rectangle drawn around them, according to the released documents.

In the documents, Clinton also wrote that then-Rep. Steve Gunderson, R-Wis., told her that future House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., was a “tool of Republican leadership which wants to kill admin[instration] plan.”

But Biden, Kerry and the rest of the then-lawmakers never got to vote on Clinton’s proposal, which died before reaching Congress.

President Bill Clinton’s advisers estimated early in his term that passing a health care overhaul would require a delicate balance of Democratic and Republican support, needing at least eight moderate Republicans in the Senate and 15 or more in the House to win approval, according to documents released Friday.