Hillary’s Healthcare Rx May Be Worse Than Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act may become even more of a nightmare with Hillary Clinton in the White House, says Betsy McCaughey, chairwoman of the Committee to Reduce Infectious Deaths and former lieutenant-governor of New York.

“Hillary could make it worse,” McCaughey said Friday on “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV, referencing Clinton’s attempt to launch a heathcare plan when her husband, Bill Clinton, was president. “Hillarycare back in November 1993, all 1,362 pages of it . . . was far more coercive than Obamacare.”

For example, said McCaughey, a medical doctor, Clinton’s plan was far more rigid than President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare plan.

“Obamacare is using ads and streets fairers to try to get people to sign up. And sure, there’s a penalty, but the Congressional Budget Office says 90 percent of the people who don’t sign up aren’t going to pay the penalty There are so many exemptions,” McCaughey said.

“Mrs. Clinton would not have taken no for an answer. Under her plan, you were involuntarily signed up whether you liked it or not. And if you didn’t pay the premium, your wages could be garnished, according to testimony she gave to the House committee.