Hillary Tries to Walk-Back Her Asinine Comments About VA Scandal

After attempting to score points with her base against Republicans last week by saying the problems at Veterans Administration hospitals across the country, which have left 300,000 veterans dead waiting for care, aren’t “widespread,” Team Hillary is attempting to walk back her asinine comments. In case you missed what she said:

During an interview with a local New Hampshire radio show this week, Clinton tried to clarify her comments by claiming Republicans want to dismantle the VA altogether while arguing she wants reform for the system.

Her trip to New Hampshire also comes amid new controversy over her comment that the recent scandal at the Veterans Administration had been overblown. In a one-on-one interview with News 9’s Josh McElveen, she elaborated, saying there are systemic problems at the agency that need to be fixed.

“But I am worried about some people trying to use the fact that we need to make major reforms as a justification for dismantling the VA, and I think my comments were really more directed at that,” Clinton said.