Hillary Clinton’s Camp Hits Back: Karl Rove is ‘Flat-Out Lying’ About Her Health

Republican political pundit Karl Rove is under fire from the pro-Hillary Clinton camp, whose members accuse the former White House strategist of dirty politics and outright lies regarding the former Secretary of State’s health.

The charges are return-fire for Mr. Rove’s suggestion that Mrs. Clinton, a top Democratic Party candidate for president in 2016, may in fact have suffered a serious brain-related issue when she was hospitalized for a fall and subsequent blood clot in 2012.

“From the moment this happened 17 months ago, the right has politicized her health,” said Nick Merrill, a spokesman for Mrs. Clinton, in a statement reported by the New York Post. “First they accused her of faking it. Now they’ve resorted to the other extreme — and are flat-out lying. … All [Rove] wants to do is inject the issue into the echo chamber, and he’s succeeding.”

Mr. Rove’s actual statements that caused so much angst: “Thirty days in the hospital? And when she reappears, she’s wearing glasses that are only for people who have traumatic brain injury? We need to know what’s up with that.”