Hillary Clinton ‘Fact Sheet’ on Her Universal Preschool Proposal Doesn’t Say How She’ll Pay For It

Hillary Clinton is trying to sell the idea that she’s running a substantive policy campaign, but her initial proposal for universal preschool released at a campaign stop in New Hampshire on Monday left out important details: How much the plan costs and how she intends to pay for it.

In the run-up to her Saturday announcement speech, the media promoted the idea that she intended to run a campaign that offered serious policy solutions. Politico even ran a story titled “Wonk Warrior,” in which Glenn Thrush wrote that, “she’s far more interested in the how than the why of the presidency, and views her greatest assets as a willingness to engage all participants in a debate and a workmanlike capacity to hammer out policy solutions.”

After her speech, many analysts remarked that she was unveiling a lot of substantive policy proposals in a State of the Union-like fashion. In the speech itself, Clinton vowed “In the coming weeks, I’ll propose specific policies.”

For her first effort, Clinton released a plan for universal preschool. A fact sheet released by her campaign explained that, “Her proposal would work to ensure that every four-year old in America has access to high-quality preschool in the next 10 years. It would do so by providing new federal funding for states that expand access to quality preschool for all four-year olds.”