High Court to Consider Another Crack at Gay Marriage

The Supreme Court Wednesday gave the clearest signal yet it is ready to wade once again into the legal war over gay marriage, formally adding a slew of gay marriage cases to the justices’ agenda for their closed-door conference on Sept. 29.

Seven same-sex marriage cases from five states met the high court’s Wednesday filing deadline, which means the justices could take up one or more of the cases in its 2014-2015 term, which formally starts Monday, Oct. 6.

The petitions from Virginia, Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah and Wisconsin are expected to be presented to justices at the conference at the end of the month.

The Supreme Court memorably last tackled the issue in June 2013, striking down a federal law recognizing only traditional man-woman unions and seeming to invite the states to decide their policies of gay marriage individually. But since then, gay marriage advocates have won a series of battles to overturn legislative and voter-approved bans on same-sex marriages as unconstitutional, citing in part the legal logic of the Supreme Court decisions.