High Court Sets March Hearing in Obamacare Lawsuit

High noon for Obamacare is scheduled for March 4, when the Supreme Court has announced that it will hear verbal arguments in a lawsuit that could mean the end for the controversial Affordable Care Act.

The high court announced in November that it will hear the case, which will settle a disagreement between two lower courts.

A Richmond appeals court upheld IRS regulations allowing health insurance tax credits in all 50 states.

A Washington, D.C., appellate panel, however, struck down the IRS regulations, holding that healthcare subsidies could be provided only in those states that set up their own insurance exchanges, not those in

Should the case, King v. Burwell, be decided in favor of those opposing the subsidies, it could unravel Obamacare in the 37 states with federally operated exchanges, according to the Kaiser Foundation, Georgia Health News reports.