Hey GOP: Start Talking to Single Women and Mothers

As the midterm elections rush toward the finish line, it is important to understand the psyche of the single woman and the single mother. Garnering more of the single woman’s vote is essential for the Republican party to win, and a win is sorely needed in order to remove Harry Reid from his post as Senate Majority Leader.

Only then will the true intent of the republican governing process be reinstated. Reid’s omnipresent roadblocks have stifled the will of the people, both Democrat and Republican. His ideological fervor and unswerving loyalty to President Obama have wrecked Constitutional checks and balances.

If there were ever a time for change, this is it. It is the worst of times – a Democratic majority in the Senate – and the best of potential times – if the Republicans can win back the Senate.

In order to do so, Republicans desperately need the single woman’s vote. Republicans have been losing the single women’s vote – big time – due to the Democrat’s chauvinistic, brainwashing tactics. It is also due to much of the conservatives’ detrimental messaging.