Here’s Why House Republicans’ Obamacare Replacement Was Just Pushed Back

This was to be the month Rep. Eric Cantor kicked off a three-state bus tour to showcase House Republicans’ election year agenda, with a focus on their plans for replacing Obamacare.

But with the Virginian stepping down as House majority leader on July 30 in the wake of his defeat in a June GOP primary, the bus tour is off, as is any chance House Republicans will move on an alternative to the Affordable Care Act before Congress leaves town at month’s end for a five-week summer break.

Offering comprehensive legislation to overhaul Obamacare, and voting on it before Congress adjourned for the August recess, was always going to be challenging for House Republicans.

They have struggled to settle on a fiscally and politically palatable plan that could attract 218 GOP votes (no Democrats were likely to support it) since announcing their intention to propose an Obamacare alternative during their winter policy retreat in Cambridge, Md.

But Cantor’s ouster has killed the effort — at least until September, multiple Republican sources confirmed Tuesday.