Healthy School Lunches, Unhealthy Illegal Classmates

For years, Americans have been harangued with the “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act” school lunch program. Under the auspices of Barack Obama’s wife’s concerns about child wellness, the federal government has rigorously limited food choices in public school cafeterias.

Promoting and preserving good health has become so fundamental to American culture it now justifies stringent bureaucratic oversight to ensure that schoolchildren no longer participate in things like traditional in-classroom birthday and holiday celebrations. 

What’s odd is that the same supposedly über-concerned government attempting to prod America’s children toward making better food choices are also undermining their long-term health by cooperating with a president determined to subject those eating more wholesome lunches in the cafeteria to an influx of unwholesome Third World students in the classroom.

How can that be, you ask? Well, thousands of illegals are streaming across our open borders, and as they do, the “Brown Shirts” are threatening to arrest border patrol staff and medical personnel if they dare divulge the shocking truth about the hordes of ill people being released into the general population.