Healthcare Expert: Obamacare Hasn’t Put a Dent in Number of Uninsured

Howard J. Peterson, a healthcare consultant and blogger for the Philadelphia Inquirer, analyzes figures on Obamacare enrollment to see how many previously uninsured Americans have found coverage thanks to the health insurance law:

It is estimated that nearly three million individuals have signed up for Medicaid for the first time. Let’s assume that all of these individuals gained coverage because of the newly expanded Medicaid program.

McKinsey & Co. conducted a study on enrollment through and the state insurance exchanges using data as of Feb. 1. At that time, 3.3 million had enrolled. McKinsey concluded that only 14 percent, or about 500,000 individuals, were “actual uninsured who have actually gained health coverage.” An additional 13 percent of uninsured individuals had signed up for Obamacare but had not paid the premium. Of those who had signed up by that time, 73 percent either had insurance and preferred to choose a plan on the exchange or enrolled because their individual plans were canceled.

On Thursday, the Obama administration announced that enrollment had reached six million. Using McKinsey’s findings of 14 percent gaining new coverage, only 900,000 previously uninsured individuals will have acquired insurance as a result of the exchanges.