Health Systems Can’t Handle Influx of Obamacare Medicaid Recipients

Nearly nine million more Americans are now covered by Medicaid as a result of Obamacare, but the influx of new beneficiaries is overloading some healthcare systems that don’t have enough doctors and staff to treat them, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Separate to the problem of overstretched staff, some medical practitioners are turning new recipients away because they receive less money for their services when paid for by Medicaid compared to private insurers, resulting in steep drops in revenue.

“I would love to see every Medicaid patient that comes through my door,” said Dr. Holly Abernethy, a family physician, who has turned away all newly-eligible Medicaid beneficiaries both because they don’t generate enough income and because she doesn’t have enough time in her workday to accommodate them.

“I have three small children and I miss them,” she added, according to the Journal.

The problem for health providers will be compounded as Obamacare enters its second annual enrollment period on Saturday, which is expected to attract an additional four million beneficiaries for 2015.