Health Policy Expert: US, WHO ‘Late’ on Ebola Threat

The United States and the World Health Organization are behind the curve on an Ebola outbreak that is becoming epidemic in western Africa and threatens the rest of the world — especially if the deadly virus ever becomes airborne, a health policy analyst told Newsmax TV on Monday.

“Can we tamp it down and make sure it doesn’t reach the rest of Africa, Europe and the U.S.? It’s still possible to control it, but it is out of control in western Africa,” Tevi Troy, a writer and senior fellow covering healthcare and domestic policy at the Hudson Institute, told “MidPoint” host Ed Berliner.

The estimated $250 million that President Barack Obama wants to direct toward anti-Ebola efforts is needed, as is U.S. leadership in what should be a worldwide response to the disease, although the mobilization comes “a little late,” said Troy.”Once these viruses get out of control, they are hard to contain,” he said.